How to help your kids if they are getting too much screen time (& we know their habits aren’t going to get better as they grow)

Collin Longmire
2 min readOct 24, 2022

I could have made this a comment about how we should limit our kid's screen time, but that's what everyone says (& as the saying goes: “free advice is usually worth exactly what you paid for it,”) and their advice is just what to do in a perfect world (similar to economic theory that is always happening in a vacuum).

How to Identify Overstimulation in our Little Humans?

With the constant bombardment of stimuli from screens, media, and the general hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s no wonder that our children can also feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.

As parents, it’s essential to be aware of the signs that our kids are feeling overwhelmed. These can include physical symptoms like headaches and stomachaches, as well as behavioral changes like irritability, trouble concentrating, or acting out.

Are the Kids Gonna be Alright?

If we suspect that our child is feeling overwhelmed, there are a few things we can do to help:

First, we can take a break from screens and other electronics. This will give their brains a chance to rest and rejuvenate. While you are at it, actively practice not being on your screens also since we all know kids love to copy us (and as they get older, the “do as I say, not as I do” argument doesn’t seem to work on them so get in a good habit now)

Next, we can create a calm and relaxing environment at home (as if it is ever calm), free from loud noises and bright lights. This might mean turning off the television, dimming the lights, and putting on some soothing music.

Finally, we can help our kids to practice some simple relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing (like counting back from 10) or progressive muscle relaxation.

With a little effort, we can help our kids to deal with their overstimulation and feel better in no time.

Now for the good news if you made it this far….Kids are resilient & are gonna be alright.

What other techniques do you practice that you have had success with helping your kids? Leave a comment below

Does this seem familiar?

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